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Every child has his or her own set of special needs, but some children have medical, physical, emotional, and/or mental conditions that require adaptations to their dental care that is beyond routine. This is where the pediatric dentist is especially important. My staff and I have the experience and patience to provide the needed extra care beyond what a normal dental office can.

Often parents of children with special needs are concerned about bringing their child for routine preventive dental care because they don’t want to add additional stress to an already full routine. We understand that dental care can be stressful, but because home dental care is often a challenge, it is actually even more important for children with special needs to receive professional, routine, preventive dental care. Some of our special needs patients come for cleanings every 2-3 months. This both allows them to become comfortable with our office and allows us to catch any potential problems while they are small.

When making an appointment please let us know about your child’s special needs. This way we can make sure to schedule their appointment in the morning, when they are well rested, refreshed, and more cooperative.

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