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Children’s Presentations

Dr. Schneider is proud to present his dental health puppet show “Let’s Take a Brush Break”.  This award-winning presentation is geared for children preschool through third grade and features “live” puppets and audience participation.
The children help Denny-Dragon teach his friend Penelope why teeth are important and why she should visit the dentist. They help Penelope avoid the Evil Magician Plaque and reach the dentist’s office safely. Once there the Helping Hands teach Penelope and the audience how to take a “brush break” and care for their teeth.  
After the puppet show, Dr. Schneider spends time with the children answering their questions.
The entire presentation is approximately 45 minutes long, and because it is performed live, it can be custom tailored to suit each audience. Dr. Schneider is pleased to present this educational show at no charge to nurseries, preschools, public/private schools and libraries in the greater Huntington area. Please call the office to find out more information or to schedule a performance. (view Thank You Notes from School Presentations)

Parenting Presentations

Dr. Schneider is also available to talk to parenting groups and Mom-&-Me programs. These programs are presented in an open-forum format with questions from the audience driving the topics of discussion. Topics for discussion could include nursing decay syndrome, early childhood caries, preventive dentistry, sucking habits, home care, diet, restorative treatment, emergency care, and/or other dental topics of interest. These talks can last for 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on the needs of the group and can be scheduled for during the day or for evening hours. They are offered free of charge to groups in the greater Huntington area. Please call the office for more information or to schedule a program.

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